“Pregnancy the first time around came really easy. But after years of being on birth control and other hormones, the second time around not so much. My husband and I struggled for almost two years. We met with Annette and she gave me a list of foods that I needed to add into my diet and some of which I needed to take out of my diet. She also put me on some supplements. Within a month I could already feel my body was different. My cycle was more normal, and my moods were stabilizing. Within three months I was pregnant.”
– Sharon –

“I had major female problems and was scheduled to have a hysterectomy but lost my insurance and had to cancel. That turned out to be a blessing because Annette tweaked my diet and gave me a few supplements and six months later I had insurance but no longer needed a hysterectomy!”
– Caren –

“Since working with Annette, I have been feeling great! Energy levels are high, I’m getting good sleep and I’m in a good mood. I love how I feel!”
– Kiana –

“Annette was able to help me when my PCP had let me down. She looked at my blood work and listened to my symptoms and gave me some suggestions of some supplements and vitamins to help me feel better until I got to see a functional doctor. She’s always answered my medical/nutritional/health questions and never lets me down. Thank you for always being there.”
– Stacey –

“I liked the clarity, simplicity and practicality of the information and the layout of The Switch Diet. Concepts are explained well and action steps are easy to go back and review which has helped me to more easily implement the suggestions. And while I know she is well educated, Presley presents the information in an encouraging, and not dogmatic manner, which I appreciated.”
– Sandy –

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“Annette is a blessing to women trying to conceive. She’s not only extremely knowledgeable in nutrition, genetics, and functional medicine, but she takes the time to listen and explain things. She is caring during this often challenging time and is by your side throughout. Women often feel hopeless when they can’t conceive within a few months. Having Annette there to identify imbalances in the body is comforting and offers answers you’re unable to get elsewhere.”
– Kira –

“On so many occasions Annette has not only lifted my spirits, but my soul. For me, she defines the words friendship and acceptance. Annette loves people for who they are. She asks “what can I bring to this relationship” and not “what can I get.” And she never gives up.”
– Joellen –

“Annette has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has helped me uncover some root causes. Her advice is practical and easy to follow through on.”
– Naomi –

“I have studied a lot of diet and health books but never found one that gives you such a wealth of valuable information in such a clear and concise way as Annette’s book, The Switch Diet…A plus is that the author has a non-judgemental attitude and simply states the facts. Some of them surprised me as I thought I was well educated on the subject of what foods are healthy but learned that I was mistaken on several of the foods I used to regularly eat, like canola oil. I can feel a difference in my energy level after I made changes based on what I learned here. I highly recommend it.”
– Mary –